Friday, July 24, 2015

The Quickest Way to Resend Emails

Ever found yourself re-sending an email?  Perhaps it did not reach its intended destination because it was blocked by a SPAM filter.  Or perhaps the recipient deleted it on accident or claimed they never received the email in the first place.  The beauty of sending emails is a copy is automatically saved to a sent folder in case you need access to it later. 

Whatever the reason for re-sending email and while it is not overly common, the process is somewhat tedious on a computer.  This is especially true if webmail needs to be logged into first.  Instead of re-sending email the traditional way, resend them from an iPhone or iPad device which is more efficient than a computer regardless of the email application or web browser used.

Traditionally, re-sending an email consists of the following steps:
  • Opening an email application like Outlook or Thunderbird, or a web browser to log into webmail (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, Hotmail, etc.)
  • Navigating to the Sent Messages folder
  • Opening the email to re-send
  • Clicking the Forward button
  • Typing out the recipient email address(es)
  • Removing the previous message headers (optional to make the email look cleaner)
  • Removing the FWD: in front of the subject (optional to make the email look cleaner)
  • Sending the email

Instead of using the traditional process which is tedious and requires cleaning up the email to look like the original, use an iPhone or iPad instead.  The same task on these devices consists of these steps:
  • Open the Mail application
  • Open the Sent folder
  • Open the email to resend
  • Click the arrow at the bottom of the email as if forwarding the email
  • Click "Send Again"

Using this option prevents additional headers from being added to the email as well as re-entering the recipient's email address(es).  Simply having the email recipient(s) email address(es) already entered makes the process more efficient than the traditional way of re-sending emails.  The purpose of using technology should be to make life easier, to automate tasks where possible and to free up time we might not otherwise have.  Small things added to our daily usage of technology that reduce effort will add up over time.

As always, being open to new ways of doing things can help even the savviest of people.

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