Tuesday, June 21, 2016

iOS Calendar Customizations to Save Time - Part 3

In the last of a series of posts about iOS calendar customizations that save time, this post covers how to include travel time in calendar events so you are never late to an event. In the first topic we created a video and a post covering how to fully customize a repeat schedule for calendar events on an iOS device to save time and prevent duplicate creation. For the second topic we created a video and a post covering how to invite people to your events using the calendar app.

We also created a video of adding travel time to calendar events.

Adding Travel Time to Calendar Events

  • Open the Calendar app.
  • Click the + in the upper right corner to add a new event.
  • Enter the event title, location, and time details. NOTE: It is important to set a location for the event so the travel time can be determined correctly.
  • Click "Travel Time" to open the travel time options menu.

  • Toggle the button next to Travel Time to enable it and display all travel time options.
  • Click "Starting Location" to modify the starting location (the default is set to your current location but this can be changed if desired).
  • Select the transportation mode which determines the start time, or select a static amount of lead time from the list.

  • Click "New Event" in the upper left to go back to the new calendar event details.
  • Notice the travel time needed to arrive at the event on time now appears next to Travel Time.

  • Click "Add" to add the event.
Adding travel time to calendar events is quick and easy and can prove highly valuable. Being aware of travel time is helpful for busy people, people who schedule meetings and events in close proximity to one another throughout their day, and people who simply hate being late. Whatever the reason, knowing the appropriate time to leave for an event provides an efficiency many people will appreciate.

As always, using tech to your advantage, especially when it is something easy like adding travel time to a calendar event, is efficient and makes our lives easier!

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