Thursday, August 18, 2016

Inserting Photos from Within an Email on iPhones

Sending photos and videos from smartphones is a great feature available to us at any time. Whether sharing photos from a trip or a special event, being able to easily send them is important. Knowing how to insert photos from within an already created email can save time and frustration. Emailing photos is normally done by opening Photos, selecting the photos to email, and creating the email from there. 

But what if we want to insert photos or videos into an existing email as a reply? Or what if we have already created an email and taken the time to type out a message only to realize we want to attach a photo? Luckily, there is a way to insert photos and videos into existing emails on iPhones using a menu that exists inside the body of the email.

Inserting Photos from Within an Email on an iPhone

  • Open the Mail app and open a mailbox to send the email from.
  • Click the new message icon in the bottom right corner to open a new message.

  • Fill out the to field and the subject as desired.
  • From anywhere in the body of the email, press and hold until a menu bar pops up.   
  • The menu bar can be cycled through some of the following items:
    • Select
    • Select All
    • Paste
    • Quote Level
    • Insert Photo or Video
    • Add Attachment
  • If necessary, press the > arrow to cycle through different menu items and select "Insert Photo or Video".

  • This opens the Photos app inside the email.

    • From here, navigate to the photo or video to insert and touch it to select it.
    • Select the "Choose" button in the bottom right corner to insert the photo or video into the email. If an incorrect photo or video is selected, simply select the "Cancel" button in the bottom left corner then select another photo or video.

  • Continue adding photos or videos until finished.
  • Type out the email as desired.
  • Click "Send" to send the email including the attached photos or videos.

Sending photos and videos at any time is one of the great things about having a smart phone. We carry them with us most everywhere and they are invaluable in an emergency, but they also allow us to communicate with the world in real time regardless of what we are doing or where we are. Easily inserting photos and videos into emails, whether newly created emails or replies, means we spend less time on sharing the information, allowing us to get back to what we want to do.

As always, knowing more than one way to utilize technology features saves time and makes our lives easier all while keeping us connected!

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