Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Using Search to Find Calendar Items in Outlook

Years ago meticulously organizing folders and using descriptive file names was the only way to ensure an item could be easily found later.  Today however, with the advancements in search features included in many programs and operating systems, search is one of the most common ways to find files, emails and events.  Even people who are extremely organized can save time using search to find items.  This post covers finding calendar items in Outlook using search.  

Consider looking for an event created by someone else or a meeting whose location has changed.  What about calendar events accidentally created with the wrong date?  For example, using the force-touch shortcut to create a calendar event on an iPhone provides the new event window.  However, the default date for the event is the last date selected in the calendar app. In other words, the current date is not necessarily selected so adding an event without looking closely might mean you add an event to an unknown date.

Instead of clicking on multiple days, weeks, or month views to find an event, utilize the built in search features in Outlook.  Open Outlook and click on the "Calendar" option in the bottom left corner.

Once in Calendar view there is a search bar in the upper right corner.  Click in this box, or use control + e to move the cursor to this box.  Once inside the search box, the Search Tools menu tab appears with additional search options.

Enter a word or phrase into the search box to begin searching.   If a search term displays too many results, continue typing in the search box to narrow the results until the remaining results are manageable.  NOTE:  If no results are found and you are sure you are using terms included in the event, select "All Calendar Items" in the left corner of the Search Tools menu bar which is not selected by default.

To modify or view the details of an event or to forward the event, double click a calendar event from the list of results.  Make any necessary changes and then click "Save & Close".

Regardless of what type of event you are looking for, using the search feature built into Outlook can save time rather than scrolling through weeks and months of data hoping to find a single entry.  By going into the Calendar section of Outlook, all search results displayed are calendar events, rather than being mixed in with tasks and emails.  This makes search results succinct and therefore more efficient.  Whatever your calendar tracks and no matter who is adding items to your calendar, using search identifies events more quickly and easily.

As always, using these and other tech tips save time and make our everyday usage easier!

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