Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Upgrading Free AVG AntiVirus without Installing Additional Applications or Trial Software

Using anti-virus software provides a layer of security and is important in protecting files on any device.  Anti-virus software in particular, updates very frequently because as new issues and threats are created, the definition files in anti-virus software must be updated to detect and respond to these new threats.  Free anti-virus software is no different from paid versions in this way: they are both regularly updated in the background to keep definition files up to date.

In addition to definition updates, software updates are also periodically released that require user input.  When these updates exist, the user is prompted via popup messages much like other software such as Java and Adobe.  This post discusses how to upgrade the latest version of free AVG anti-virus software without installing additional programs or upgrading to a trial version of the paid version of AVG.
Before starting the update process it is helpful to close all other applications and windows because the upgrade will prompt to reboot the device once the installation finishes.  Once the update has been started, the installation process initializes.

After the installation has been initialized the welcome screen is presented.  Notice the welcome screen says "Welcome to AVG AntiVirus Free Edition" which is the existing version of anti-virus on this particular device.  Also notice the bottom left corner states that clicking continue or custom installation means you agree to certain policies and the installation of future automatic updates for AVG products.  Click "Custom Installation" in the bottom right under the Continue button to access all customizable settings for this update.

In the next screen be sure to change the selected radio button from "Full protection" to "Basic protection before clicking the "Continue" button.  Full protection is selected by default when this screen appears.  Full protection will install the Internet Security Trial version if left unchanged which is a paid subscription.

On the customization screen choose which components to install, then click on the "Install now" button.

The new version of the AVG Free Antivirus software will begin downloading and installing.

Once the installation is complete the device will need to be rebooted.  Click "Restart now" to restart the device.

Using anti-virus software is an important step in providing security for information on any device.  Regardless of what type of anti-virus is used, free versions often promote upgrading to paid versions with additional features and components as well as third-party software when upgrades are necessary.  If you do not want any additional software or upgrades, it is important to pay close attention to each option and menu screen.  When upgrading or updating any software, including anti-virus software, pay close attention to prevent additional or unwanted software from also being installed.

As always, read the fine print before clicking next!

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