Thursday, October 05, 2017

How to Create Automatically Recurring Invoices with Square

One of the biggest challenges every person faces, whether they run a business, work for someone else, or are a student, is managing time. Time is something that runs our lives that we cannot negotiate with. We cannot argue to get more time, pay for more time or get time back. The best we can do is work more efficiently so we can use the time we saved to do other things.

One of the best ways to save time is to automate recurring tasks. Anything that we do regularly and can automate will save time for other things. For instance, using auto-bill pay with your bank, or creating automatically recurring invoices with Square.

How to Create Automatically Recurring Invoices with Square

Square payment processing makes it easy to create recurring invoices that bill automatically based on the schedule you set. To create recurring invoicing in Square, follow the steps below.
  • Log into your Square account.
  • Click "Invoices" from the side panel menu.

  • From the Invoices screen, click the Recurring tab in the upper right corner and click the "Create Recurring Series" button.

  • On the create recurring series screen, enter the following information:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Invoice title (optional)
    • Invoice ID
    • Message
    • Schedule
      • Pick the date for the series to begin
      • Set how often the series will recur in days, weeks, months or years
      • When the series ends: after a certain number of invoices, on a certain date, or never (meaning until you cancel the recurring series)
      • When the invoice is due which means how long they have to pay before the invoice is considered overdue
    • The item or items you are billing for

    • If you want to allow the customer to save be able to tip
    • If you want to allow the customer to save their credit card on file - this feature allows them to store their credit card and each time the invoice is billed it automatically hits their stored credit card making payments faster

  • Click the "Schedule" button to save the recurring series.
    • If you set the invoice date for the 29th, 30th or 31st of any month, the recurring invoices will be billed on the last day of each month regardless of how many days are in the month

  • Once the recurring series has been created, a summary of its details is displayed.

  • If everything is correct, click the "Done" button, otherwise click the "Edit Series" button to make the necessary changes.
  • The new recurring series is now listed at the top of the recurring invoice summary screen.

However you plan your day, saving time is always helpful. Finding ways to automate tasks that would otherwise regularly consume time is a great way to save time. Creating automatically recurring invoices with Square is one example of a repetitive task that can be automated within just a few minutes. Not only does automating save time, but it ensures the work gets done and that it is done in a timely manner.

This is a small example of a task that can be automated, but each item we automate saves time and eventually the amount of time saved from these tasks adds up!

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