Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How to Singularly Customize all PowerPoint Slides' Appearance

Customizing PowerPoint slides is simple if you are familiar with other Office products or have worked with PowerPoint before. Slide types can be changed even after content has been added to a slide, text boxes and graphics can be added at will, color themes can be defined and applied and slides can be relocated after being created. There are other customizations of course, some of which will apply to all existing slides while others only to a specific selection. To singularly customize the appearance of all PowerPoint slides, you need to modify the slide master.

Singularly Customizing the Appearance of all PowerPoint Slides

Customizing the appearance of all of the slides in a PowerPoint presentation at once is done by modifying the slide master of the presentation. The slide master allows full customization of colors, fonts, sizing, placement and more and will apply these customizations to every slide in a presentation. The benefit of modifying the slide master is that it applies customizations automatically to each slide rather than requiring the formatting to be applied to each slide individually which saves time. 

To access the slide master in Office 2010 or later, from PowerPoint click the View tab, and select Slide Master from the Master Views section. 

From here, click on any of the page templates to make modifications for the presentation. Multiple slide templates are displayed, each based on a slide type. Make modifications to the slide types you plan to use that need customizations. 

For instance, to change the default font, from any slide click on the Fonts drop down menu and select a new font. The font of all text on each slide template will update.

Click on the Themes drop down menu to apply a theme to all slide templates.

Select different text levels and modify font sizing, styling, color and more so different parts of a presentation stand out.

Continue making changes to slide templates until all formatting appears as desired. When all changes have been made, click the "Close Master View" button in the ribbon menu which will save all changes. Re-visit the slide master at any time to make additional modifications to slide templates.

Start adding information and creating slides for the PowerPoint presentation. Each slide will automatically be created using the customizations made to the slide master templates.

Modifying the Slide Master in a PowerPoint presentation ensures whatever customizations are desired will be applied to all slides added to the presentation. Adjustments can be made to the presentation at any time by accessing the slide master again and applying customizations. These customizations will then be automatically applied to the presentation. Setting customizations using the slide master saves time as default fonts, colors, themes, font sizing and styling, and more only need to be set once to be applied to all other slides.

As always, customization is king, but doing something once that can be applied an endless amount of time is even more valuable!

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