Thursday, March 02, 2017

How to Fix Apps Continually Asking to Use Phone Features

Newly installed apps often ask for permissions to specific phone features when they are first opened. For instance, Messenger asks for access to the microphone, LinkedIn asks for access to contacts, and banking apps may ask for access to the camera. The first time an app asks for permissions we might be more inclined to say no because we are not always sure we will use those features or we do not understand why the app would need access to them. Sometimes when trying to approve access, the application continues asking for access to the feature you have already approved. When apps continually ask to use the same phone feature, editing the settings of the app will enable the feature and fix this issue.

How to Fix Apps Continually Asking to Use Phone Features

Sometimes when an app needs access to a phone feature, even if it is an app we have had, trying to enable permissions does not work correctly. Luckily, giving permission to phone features can be done manually. This is executed inside the app's settings and works even if permissions were previously denied. For instance, opening a new banking app and having it ask for permission to the camera might seem odd so the permission is initially denied. However, a banking app that allows remote check deposit must have access to the phone's camera to work so it makes sense to enable this permission. 

To enable an app's permissions and allow access to phone features:
  • First, locate the settings of the app
    • On an iPhone or Android device open the phone's "Settings"
  • Touch the name of the app to access its settings
    • On an Android device, select "Permissions"

  • Next, enable the permission settings for the app
    • Toggle to enable whichever feature the app is continually prompting you to allow, this could be the camera, microphone, contacts, phone, or other

  • Exit the phone settings and re-open the app whose permissions were changed
  • The app should stop prompting you to allow access and will now have access to the appropriate features so it can operate correctly

NOTE: This process is also effective when an app was denied certain access to phone features that are later deemed appropriate. The process to fix this is the same and will work for both issues. Lastly, these steps can also be used to disable access to certain phone features for an app if you decide you no longer want to allow that access.

Whatever the purpose for an app requesting access to specific phone features, the choice can be tricky and it is important to remember the least amount of access is usually safer. However, having an app continually ask for permission to certain phone features can become annoying and denying it can mean the app is not fully functional. Knowing how to quickly access the permissions of any app is helpful in both protecting your device and data, as well as alleviating issues when apps are unable to correctly assign given permissions.

As always, knowing multiple ways to do access settings and modify information increases efficiency. The ability to access a setting that is often only asked once is imperative!

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