Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Year 1 Blog Post Recap with Links - In Case you Missed Any!

Computer / Device Usage Tips
The Most Important Keyboard Shortcut you Might Not Know About

Keyboard Shortcuts for Everyday Use

To Update or Not to Update

How to Use Built-In Apps on Smart TV's

Safely Downloading Free Software - Clicking Next Next Next can Surprise You

Setting Commonly Used Features & Troubleshooting for the Top 3 Desktop Browsers - Part 1

Setting Commonly Used Features & Troubleshooting for the Top 3 Desktop Browsers - Part 2

What Makes Solid State Drives (SSD) Different than Traditional Hard Disk Drives

Organizing your Apps on Tablets and Smart Phones Running Android or iOS Software

Fixing Purchased iTunes Songs when they get Corrupted or only Play for a Few Seconds

8 Easy and Time Saving Computer Shortcuts

Customizing Word 2013 with Time-Saving Tweaks Part 1

Customizing Word 2013 with Time-Saving Tweaks Part 2

Customizing Word 2013 with Time-Saving Tweaks Part 3

Utilizing the Accessibility Options to Customize your iPhone

Tips to Consider for 4 Common Computer Upgrades

Troubleshooting Tips
Tips for Troubleshooting Network Connectivity

Troubleshooting Web Browser Certificate Issues

Troubleshooting a Wireless Mouse

Troubleshooting Scheduled Calendar Items in iOS 7 Software

Troubleshooting Apps Stuck in the Update Process on an iOS Device

Troubleshooting Issues Between iTunes & the iPhone

Checklist for Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues on a Network 

Data Security
Preventing Data Loss

Everyday Data Protection Tips

Securely Allowed Remote Support Connections to a Personal Computer

Protection your Identity while Taking Advantage of Cyber Monday Deals

Protecting your Data from New Types of Attacks - Crytolocker Malware

Tips for Handling an Email Account you Suspect has Been Hacked

How to Choose Effective Passwords and Reduce your Exposure of Being Hacked

Tips to Avoid Scams Pitting Technology Against You

Ways to Keep your Smart Phone Secure

5 Everyday Protection Tips to Consider when Using Technology

Ensuring your Efforts to Backup Data Include all your Important Data

Protecting your Data from New Types of Attacks - Installment #2

Six Things to Consider when Choosing a File Sharing Service vs an Online Backup Service

4 Things Security Conscious People Never Do

Protect Account Credentials by Encrypting Windows Files for Free

Organizational Tips
Organizational Tip #1 - Spreadsheets are your Friend

Organizational Tip #2 - Using the Internet to Assist with Meal Planning

Organizational Tip #3 - Organizing Files and Folders

Organizational Tip #4 - Choosing a File Naming Convention

Organizational Tip #5 - Using your Smart Phone to Organize Repeated Tasks

Organizational Tip #6 - Creating and Using Distribution Lists for Email Groups

Organizational Tip #7 - Using Spreadsheet Shortcuts to Auto-Fill Data 

Organizational Tip #8 - Creating Recurring Customer Invoices or Vendor Payments in Quickbooks using Memorized Transactions

Organizational Tip #9 - Creating Shared Calendars to Organize Events (Great for the Upcoming Holidays)

Organizational Tip #10 - Creating Effective Presentation Slideshows

Organizational Tip #11 - Using Technology to Make Filing Taxes Easier

Organizational Tip #12 - Using Outlook Folders to Organize Emails

Organizational Tip #13 - Creating Outlook Rules to Organize Email

Organizational Tip #14 - Using Multiple Email Addresses to Organize Emails & Save Time

Advanced Topics
Advanced Topic - Useful Exchange Powershell aka Management Shell Commands

Advanced Topic - Creating Exchange Distribution Lists Part 1 - Static Lists

Advanced Topic - Creating Exchange Distribution Lists Part 2 - Dynamic Lists

Advanced Topic - Exchange 2010 SP3 Walkthrough & Solutions for Common Issues

Advanced Topic - How to Give Rights to Add Unlimited Devices to your Domain without Giving Domain Admin Rights

Advanced Topic - 5 Essential Cmdlets when Upgrading to Exchange 2013

Common Technology Terms and What they Actually Mean

Common Technology Terms and Meanings #2 - Communication Terms

Explanation of the 802.11 Wireless Technology Standard

Understanding Common HTML Tags Used with Website Building Software, Blog Sites, and Embed Code Widgets

Formatting Images to Create the Right Size and Shape Using Photoshop

Is it Time to Switch from Traditional Television Providers to Internet Streaming Services?

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