Thursday, September 19, 2013

Organizational Tip #2: Using the Internet to Assist with Meal Planning

Today's technology organizational tip is about using technology to help find recipes for meals and drinks.  Remember when we were kids and there was always a recipe made famous by our grandmothers that we craved at one time or another?  Asking our parents to make the recipe could go either way if they did not actually have the recipe.  Sometimes they would try and wing it, which usually missed the mark at least a little bit.  Other times they asked for a copy of the recipe to make sure they got it right but there was never any guarantee it was going to be the same as the way grandma made the recipe.  However our parents went about it, we waited and waited for that special meatball only grandma knew how to make and hoped for the best.

Since almost anything can be found on the Internet today, finding the right recipe is quite different.  For anyone looking for a recipe that reminds them of a childhood favorite, you might be in luck if you know some or most of the ingredients.  With a quick search on the Internet quite a few websites come up as examples of sites that will let you input ingredients you have in your kitchen, or that you remember from your childhood recipe, and will present you with plenty of recipes options of meals to make using those ingredients.

These sites come in handy for more than just finding an old recipe.  How many times have you walked into your kitchen rooting around trying to come up with ideas for dinner without having to go to the store?  Most people do this fairly often if they have not planned out their meals already in an effort to save time and energy.  For those days when your creativity alone does not provide you with a great idea, trying going to and searching for recipe ideas with the ingredients you already have.

The same principal can be applied to coming up with drinks to serve.  There are even apps like iBartender which is quick and easy to use and lets you sort or search with every possible way you can think of based on what ingredients you have or want to incorporate.  
Whatever you are making tonight, meals, snacks, or drinks, quickly come up with ideas using one of the tools listed above or search for your own.

Good luck and good eating!

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