Thursday, May 07, 2015

Combining Specific Pages from Multiple PDF's into a Single PDF

PDF files are useful for many reasons including the ability to send files to users on different operating systems knowing they can easily open the files by downloading Adobe Reader which is free.  Often times when working with PDF's it would be convenient to be able to consolidate specific pages from multiple PDF's into a single file.  Whether to synthesize reports, remove sensitive information, or perhaps to compare information over time, it is helpful to capture only the desired data.

Printing pages from multiple PDF's to scan them into a single file or copying and pasting pages together is tedious and wasteful of time and resources.  Instead, use Acrobat Pro to create a new PDF with the ability to select specific pages from any number of different PDF's all in a single process.  The steps below illustrate how this is done.
  1. Open one of the PDF files with pages to include in the new PDF.  NOTE:  When including pages from long files, it can be more efficient to open these files and document the pages to include before starting the PDF creation process.
  2. Click the "Create" button on the left side above the document and select "Combine Files into a Single PDF".  NOTE:  If the Create button does not exist, click "File" then "Create" to access all options under the Create menu.

  3. In the Combine Files window, click the "Add Files" button and select the appropriate selection for the type of files or folders to add.  

  4. Navigate to the files or folders to add and select them one at a time or in groups.
    1. To select contiguous files or folders, click the first file, hold the Shift key and click on the last file or folder.
    2. To select multiple non-contiguous files or folders, click on the first file, hold the Control key and select each additional file or folder.

  5. To change the order of the files which controls the order of the pages in the new PDF, click on a file name and click the "Move Up" or "Move Down" button.

  6. Once all of the files have been added, select the pages from each file to include if anything other than all pages of the file is desired.
    1. Click on a file name.
    2. With the file name highlighted, click the "Choose Pages" button at the bottom.

      1. In the Preview and Select Page Rage window, type out the number for each page to include, or type a range of pages to include in the box under Select Page Range.

      2. Use the arrows under the file to preview each page of the file if necessary.
      3. Click OK to save the pages chosen.
      4. Continue to select the pages to include for each file until finished.
  7. Click "Combine Files" to create the new PDF.

  8. The PDF will open in a new window.

Being able to consolidate pages from multiple PDF's into a single file is simple and can be extremely useful.  The process, which includes choosing the files, ordering them, and picking the specific pages to include, can be completed in just a few minutes.  This is a quick way to integrate information from multiple sources making the information easier to share with others.

As always, use technology to your advantage!

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