Monday, April 27, 2015

Organizational Tip #17 - Creating Additional Photo Albums on an iPhone running iOS 7 and Later

Having a camera everywhere you go is often deemed one of the greatest features of a smart phone.  This can be so true that it is easy to take thousands of photos without ever organizing them so each new photo falls into the default "Camera Roll" album which becomes more and more difficult to navigate.  If the photos are taken on an iPhone running iOS 7 or later, adding new albums and moving photos into them is easier than ever.  This post explains how to create additional albums to organize photos on the phone.

Before adding albums, be sure to decide on how to organize additional albums so they are easy to navigate later.  Some ways to sort them are by:
  • Event
  • Location
  • Subject / Hobby
  • People or groups of people

First, open the "Photos" app and select the "Albums" tab at the bottom.  Each album listed will have a number below its name representing how many items are in the album.  

To create a new album tap the "+" sign in the upper left corner next to Albums.  Type out a name for the new album and tap "Save".

This will open the Collections view which breaks photos into groups based on dates and locations.

Tap the "Select" button above any group of photos to add the group to the new album.  Multiple groups and individual photos can be selected to add to the album all at once.  Once a group is selected, the "Select" button changes to "Deselect" so the group can be removed if desired.  Specific photos in a selected group can be deselected by tapping the photo to uncheck it.  As groups of photos are added, the total number of photos selected which is displayed at the top of the screen adjusts.  Once all groups and photos have been selected, tap "Done" to save the new album. 

 When all additional albums have been created, tap "Done" in the upper right corner.  Each new album will appear in the Albums list.

As additional albums are added the number of items in the "Camera Roll" album will remain the same.  Creating secondary albums to organize photos does not remove them from the "Camera Roll" but rather is simply a pointer to an existing photo.  To delete a custom albums, touch the "Edit" button, tap the red bubble and tap "Delete".  NOTE:  This will not delete any of the photos inside the album as they still exist in the "Camera Roll" album.

Creating additional photo albums to organize photos makes it much easier to find specific photos.  The greater the number of photos the more useful creating additional albums becomes.  With iPhone iOS 7 and later, creating additional albums and adding photos to them is easier than ever and can be completed in minutes.  Having a plan for the types of albums to create will speed up the process and make it easier to find photos later.

There has never been a better time to get organized!

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