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4 Ways to Ensure you Never Waste Printer Toner Again

Eventually the printer you are currently using will stop functioning at some point. Replacing hardware components is often not worth the cost considering the usage on the remaining components. One of the most frustrating aspects of having a printer die is wasting the remaining toner or inkjet cartridges that were purchased without knowing the printer was going to fail.

Instead of wasting the remaining toner, which is both costly and wasteful, use the following tips to ensure you never waste printer toner again.

4 Ways to Ensure you Never Waste Printer Toner Again

1 - Do not buy extra toner

For those of us who prefer to be prepared rather than surprised by issues that usually come at a most inconvenient time, it can be extremely tempting to keep backup toner replacements. There are many reasons for keeping an extra toner onsite including:

  • Eliminating down time when a toner runs out
  • Reducing time spent ordering toner
  • Potential savings on ordering in bulk and/or qualifying for free shipping
  • Peace of mind
However, it is important to note that having replacement toner available can be costly if it is never used. Here are some reasons not to purchase extra toner:
  • Store returns are usually limited to a certain number of days and you would need to keep the receipt to take advantage of this option
  • Return postage/restocking fees may eliminate any discounts associated with buying in bulk even if you can return the extra toner
  • Unless you are located in an obscure location, an office supply store is likely within ten miles
  • If you have an Amazon Prime account you can get free 2-day shipping on replacement toner
  • You can always order replacements once the toner gets to a certain threshold
Ultimately the decision to keep extra toner comes down to weighing the drawbacks. Can you afford to be without one printer for a half hour to 2 days? Do you have additional printers that can be used? Is there anyone reliable who can be responsible for ordering more when the printer warns the toner is low? Where is the nearest office supply store?

If you do decide to keep extra toner onsite, read the next tips for ways you can utilize them even if the printer breaks.

2 - Buy a replacement printer using the same toner

If the quality of the printer that died worked for your environment, consider purchasing the same printer or a similar model that uses the same toner. If the same model is not available, try doing an internet search for the toner.

Click a result from a company you trust. 

Scroll down to the Product Details section to reveal all the printers using this toner. In this example, there is also a tab that lists the compatible printers.

Once you have a list of compatible printers, compare their specs and pricing to find the best match for you.

3 - Talk to family and friends

When a printer dies you might not intend to replace it right away. Sometimes a new printer has already been purchased and this one was no longer a necessary device. Other times you might not be interested in the same model or brand printer. If this happens, reach out to family and friends to see if they could use the toner. Finding someone who can use the toner saves them money and keeps you from wasting materials. Besides, you never know when they might be able to return the favor!

4 - Donate the toner

You can always contact a local school or non-profit to see if they might be able to use your toner. Reach out to your children's schools and see if they have a way to put the toner to use. If you are far from schools or do not have any connections, try contacting a local non-profit. Non-profits are made possible by people donating time and resources. Something as small as extra toner might make a huge difference in their daily operations.

In summary, rather than wasting any remaining toner when a printer eventually breaks, talk to family and friends to see if anyone can use it. If that does not work, consider donating it to a non-profit or purchasing a printer that utilizes the same toner. Most importantly, keeping the available stock of toner to a minimum will help reduce the risk of ending up with the task of trying to return or give away toner. Some printers are built to last longer than others, and failure is based on many factors including usage and environment. Either way, what is inevitable is having toner remaining when the printer fails.

As always when it comes to tech, it can be easy to end up with consumables going to waste. Finding a way for the resources you have to be used in their entirety is better for everyone!

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