Thursday, December 21, 2017

Helpful Technology Information Throughout the Holidays

Whether you love or hate technology, or fall somewhere in between these extremes, technology is ingrained in our daily lives. In some ways technology makes our lives easier, more efficient and we are more connected. In other ways it is easier for people to take advantage of the fact that we are always online and that information can be procured from a distance. 

Since this is often a very busy time of year for people, we cultivated a list of timely posts published over the last year. These posts have helpful information about protecting devices, data, purchasing new devices, and much more!

Helpful Technology Information Throughout the Holidays

The following is a list of 6 posts with short summaries and are in no particular order. Click on any title to read the entire post.

3 Tech Tips for Staying Safe this Holiday Season
This post explains ways to protect credit cards as this is the time of year when we use them the most frequently. Additionally, types of email scams and what you can look for to help filter out suspect emails is explained. This information will help protect you as well as anyone in your address book.

Ensuring all Important Files get Moved to a New Device
This post shares some unique locations that different programs use to store files. When replacing a device it is important to know where files are stored. You might be surprised to find many are not stored in the Documents or the user folder! It is critical to capture all important files before the older device is destroyed or no longer functioning. NOTE: All older devices should have their drives destroyed using HIPAA, NSA and HITECH compliant procedures. This ensures none of the data once stored on it can ever be recovered. For more information, visit

How to Limit Smartphone Data Usage While Traveling
This post shows how to manage a smartphone's data usage. This can be extremely helpful, for instance, in preventing large bills and/or unexpected charges, when traveling outside of normal coverage areas such as going on a cruise. From blocking application updates to enabling WiFi-calling, there are multiple ways to control exactly how much data you use and what apps are allowed to use your data. Taking control of your usage before leaving provides a much better experience!

What you Need to Know about Local, Attached and Cloud Storage
This post discusses the differences between different types of storage which is an important step in helping you protect it. Different types of storage provide different protections and redundancies and being aware of how each works is critical to making the right decision for your data. Knowing where important files are is key to ensuring they are never permanently lost.

Get More Video Card RAM Without Buying a New One
This post explains how you can get more out of your existing device with respect to its video card. Video card RAM is important in providing smooth transitions between applications, live streaming, creating and editing videos and much more. Knowing how much RAM a video card has, and how to increase this, can have a big impact on system performance.

What Specifications to Look for With Back To School Sales
Although the title implies this information is targeted to back to school sales, technology sales are best from the day after Thanksgiving until the new year. This means more people are buying new devices or at least browsing to see if there is a deal good enough to entice them into upgrading. Before visiting the store or shopping online, be sure you understand the numbers and letters that go with different components so you can be sure you truly are getting a deal.

No matter what your plans for the holiday season, staying safe is a priority. This includes securing your data and your identity which are often at risk. The busier we are, the more distracted we are, which means the easier it is to fall victim of a scam. Spending a little extra time before clicking on links in emails, setting up secure payment software like Apple or Samsung pay, and understanding where files are located is time and effort well spent.

As always, stay safe and Happy Holidays!

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